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Putting Smarter Travel into Practice

As people grow older their lifestyles change. Retirement, relocation or health considerations can significantly impact routines. Older Adults can choose to become more active with hobbies, volunteering, babysitting - or even helping to raise - grandkids. Or they may need or want to slow down the pace and minimise daily activities and outings. Whichever your lifestyle, Smarter Travel can easily be incorporated into your travel plans.

Being Active
Transportation can play an important role in establishing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. There are a lot of options for Smarter Travel like walking more, using public transport and reducing the use of your car. If you think Smarter Travel isn't for you, reconsider what you do on a day to day level and think about the options available:

  • Combine walking and bus transport: get the benefits of both by walking to your local bus stop, thus increasing your daily exercise while decreasing your time in the car. Decrease pollution, stress of driving and costs associated with fuel and parking!
  • Organise outings close to public transport when getting together with friends, suggest a meeting spot close to a bus¬†stop/station that everyone can access.
  • Make travelling fun: if you're looking for something to do with the grandkids, consider a trip on the train or - it can be loads more fun for kids than staring at the back of your head in the car!

Transportation can play an important role in establishing and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Slowing Down
If your routine is less about being active and more about slowing down due to health or agility issues, there are still lots of Smarter Travel options for you to consider:

  • Combine trips: rather than going grocery shopping one day, banking the next, followed by the hairdresser the day after that, consider how you can reduce the number of trips out in the car by combining errands into one trip. It's faster, more efficient for your time and use of petrol.
  • Ride-share: when heading out for errands, events or meals, have your friends or family share the drive rather than use multiple cars which result in extra costs and pollution.
  • Take advantage of public transport and Deise Link¬† the local rural transport service,


Tips to Stay TravelSmart
Once you've started exploring your Smarter Travel  options, you'll find it becomes easier and easier to maintain. However, to stay motivated consider these tips to stay on course:

  • Keep a journal of your activities, including distances covered, landmarks explored, and new routes or neighbourhoods discovered. There's nothing quite as motivating as being able to look back at all you've done and seen, as well as what you don't see when you're practicing Smarter Travel - less stress from driving, less fuel used, less carbon emitted, less impacts on the environment!
  • Find inspiration wherever you can - read testimonials from others, clip out magazine articles, talk to your friends and family about the changes you've made. Take time to learn about other's successes while celebrating your own!
  • Get support from others. Whether walking, taking transit or ride-sharing, it's always more fun and easier to stay motivated with a buddy.
  • Be an example to your family & friends and become a Go Dungarvan Ambassador for change.¬†

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