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Go Sport Smart Pilot with West Waterford Athletics Club

Go Dungarvan is really looking forward to working with West Waterford Athletic Club over the course of the upcoming 2012/2013 All Rounder Winter League. We are delighted that the club have agreed to be part of our Go Sport Smart Pilot.

This initiative aims to encourage as many of the Winter League participants as possible to choose sustainable transport methods e.g. cycling, walking, jogging, running or car sharing while travelling to and from the event each Wednesday evening. The long term goal is to encourage people to choose sustainable transport methods as part of their daily routine, when it is possible to do so, whether it be travel to school, work, recreation or any of their daily journeys.

Go Dungarvan had an information stand at the Winter League on 24th and 31st October and gave out general information on Smarter Travel. 

 If runners decide to sign up to the scheme, they will be asked to record how they travelled to the league each week i.e. whether by bike, car sharing or walking/jogging/running. Their 'journey log' will be returned to Go Dungarvan at the end of the league. There are some great prizes and rewards up for grabs to those who do take part including a chance to be entered into a draw for a bike for those who choose Smarter Travel for the fifteen weeks of the league!

It is hoped that the initiative, if successful will be of benefit to the club as we should start to witness a decrease in cars travelling to the league on a weekly basis. Moreover lessons learned as part of this pilot will be used to inform similar initiatives which will be rolled out with other sports clubs over the course of the 5 year Smarter Travel programme.

Go Dungarvan will be installing bike parking facilities at Dungarvan Sports Centre, as part of the overall infrastructural improvements being made to Dungarvan.

Download a Registration Form for the WWAC Go Sport Smart Challenge


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