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Dungarvan receives €7.2 million funding for Smarter Travel

Minister of State for Public and Commuter Transport Alan Kelly announced the results of the National Competition for Smarter Travel Areas on 1 February 2012.

Limerick City, Dungarvan and Westport will share in funding of €23million. Dungarvan has received a total of €7.2million from the fund to be spent over a 5 -year period to transform Dungarvan Town into a Smarter Travel Area, promoting cycling and walking and reducing car travel.

The programme is the integration of a behavioural change campaign and the development of infrastructure to support the move from the car to more sustainable transport modes.

In broad terms, the project includes provisions such as:

  • improved cycling ways, including safe routes to school and to key business and workplace zones;
  • secure cycle parking in town centre;
  • better walking facilities;
  • traffic calming;
  • school and workplace travel planning;
  • e-working;
  • car sharing;

This is a very exciting project for Dungarvan a sincere thank you must go to all the many groups, businesses, the public and individuals involved in the development of the submission.

The Go Dungarvan Team is now in place and it is our challenge to engage with the people of Dungarvan and working together re-establish the default choice for travelling and move away from the dependence on the car. We hope that the people of Dungarvan will engage with Go Dungarvan at every available opportunity and put Dungarvan firmly on the Map as Ireland's leading Smarter Travel Town. Please feel free to contact us.

One of the central developments for the success of the Go Dungarvan project is the Travel Centre. The centre will form the heart of the Go Dungarvan project during the five year programme for active transport facilities, information, consultation, awareness and engagement. We are at a stage where construction works are imminent on both the walk in Travel Office (in the Courthouse Building opposite Lawlor’s Hotel),+T.f.+Meagher+Str...

and the cycle parking/changing facility (at the side of the building). We are really looking forward to the completion of this development and its official opening for use by the public.

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