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Go Dungarvan Supporting the John Treacy Dungarvan 10

Go Dungarvan is delighted to support the 2014 John Treacy Dungarvan 10 and we would like to take this opportunity to wish West Waterford AC and all the participants the very best of luck in this great event.

Update on the work of Go Dungarvan….
Since Go Dungarvan's involvement with the John Treacy Dungarvan 10 in January 2013, the team has been very busy. Numerous proposed infrastructural and behavioural change measures have already been rolled out and many groups and individuals have been actively embracing Smarter Travel. With the designation of Dungarvan as a Smarter Travel Area comes significant funding for the above mentioned measures with the objective of facilitating travel choice so that those who wish to, can realistically and safely choose

What can participants do to champion the Go Dungarvan cause?
As active, healthy people you could consider some of the following options when it comes to travelling to the John Treacy Dungarvan 10:

  • If you live 2k or less from the event start why not walk, jog or run, it will be the ideal warm up!
  • If you live 5k or less from the start why not consider cycling? Dungarvan Sports Centre boasts Go Dungarvan bike parking-ideal for storing your bike while you run!
  • If you live outside Dungarvan why not consider car sharing with some of your family, friends or club mates? Car sharing is a great way to meet and chat about the day's events!


Just some of the benefits of choosing Smarter Travel:
  • You will be helping the event organisers by easing traffic congestion particularly in and around Dungarvan Sports Centre, and the start/finish area.
  • As if running 10 miles was not enough, you will be getting a little more exercise and getting a good warm up/cool down if you choose to run/jog or cycle to the event.
  • You will be doing your bit for the environment.
  • You will be saving money.
  • You will be leading by example.

Over the next five years Go Dungarvan hopes that Dungarvan will be an example of good practise to other Irish towns when it comes to championing Sustainable Transport methods. We hope you choose to be part of the movement?







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